Episode 22 – Turkey and Pie Hangover

Deemable Tech – Episode 22 – Turkey and Pie Hangover

On today’s episode Ray, Tom and Sean (for the first time on the microphone) talk about their Thanksgiving festivities and Black Friday/Black Thursday experiences. We also tell you how to transfer business cards wirelessly with the phone you already have, how to upload an audio file to YouTube, how to transfer a big file to someone else, and whether you should be keeping track of your business’ widgets in Excel or Access.

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Today’s Questions:

  • How do you transfer a contact from your phone to someone else’s phone by SMS?
  • How can you send a file to someone if it’s too big to email it?
  • Why does YouTube say the video I uploaded is too big?
  • Do I need to close my iPad apps or can I leave them all running?
  • How do I transfer all of my files from my old computer to my new computer?
  • Should I use Excel or Access to keep track of data?
  • Is it cheaper to buy a modem, or is it cheaper to rent a modem from my internet provider?
  • Can I block someone on Gmail like I can on Facebook?

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